Company Mission

  1. To be an ‘Automated Plastic Manufacturer’ with a human touch
  2. To offer the capability to design, develop and deliver state-of-the-art, high-quality products to our customers.
  3. Our commitment to delivering the highest quality stands as our ultimate dedication to our customers.
  4. To exceed our customers’ expectations through continuous improvement and remarkable innovation.

Company Vision

  1. To be a 1st tier vendor for OEM (Automotive) in Malaysia specializing in supplying air outlets.

Core Value

  1. V: Virtue ensure high integrity
  2. S : Synergy rather than separate
  3. T : Tenacity lead to success
  4. E : Empowerment builds confidence
  5. P : Passion initiate greater result

Quality Policy

  1. VSTEP as a designer and manufacturer of plastics products through injection molding & assembly process, is committed to produce products that meet customer satisfaction whilst complying with statutory & regulatory requirement as well as always striving for continuous improvement.

Innovation Policy

  1. VSTEP is committed to implementing innovative practices as we continue to advance towards the Fourth Industrial Revolusion (IR4.0), enabling us to grow consistently and compete with both local and global vendors in the plastic manufacturing automotive industry.

5'S Policy

  1. The 5’S practice is ingrained in our work culture. VSTEP is committed to establishing a quality and productive work environment based on 5’S practices, with a focus on continuous improvement, in order  to remain competitive in the field of goods  manufacturing.


Your Satisfaction defines our Success

Ismail Haji Ibrahim

Ismail Haji Ibrahim


His focus is clear: Deliver the best possible customer experience for each of their clients. He works with all team members to ensure that goal is met - each and every day.

Hairul Mubarak Haji Ibrahim

Hairul Mubarak Haji Ibrahim


He has always focused on exceptional customer service, attention to detail and offering a friendly, professional and detail-oriented approach for every customer dealing with his team.